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Ready, Set, Write

I’m enjoying my last few moments of October before the insanity of November and Nanowrimo descends.

One of my recent posts was about preparing for Nanowrimo, and thankfully I’ve practiced what I preach and have prepared more than ever for this years writing. My 1,738 word synopsis has been written, characters have been cast and profiled, and locations have been scouted. Using Scrivener, I’ve broken down the story into 20 chapters with brief descriptions, and I’m currently adding more details. I already know that the story is more than likely to change as the month goes on (it’s already changed from the time I wrote the synopsis to the the time I finished the character profiles), but that’s okay. Now I’ve got a skeleton that I can flesh out, a foundation I can build up on.

More importantly, I’m also incredibly excited to get started. I’ve always enjoyed writing and creating stories, but this level of preparation has given me a whole new level of enthusiasm. I’mĀ invested in the characters and the plot in a way I’ve never been before, all before I’ve written the first word of the story.

Looking through my notes and research, it’s very easy to see all the weak links. It reminds me of revising for exams. No matter how many times I went through the material, no matter how much I revised, I always had that pit in my stomach as I sat down for the exam. Had I done enough? I ask that question today. Maybe I should have done a more detailed outline? Maybe I should have spent more time on the locations and setting. I think this highlights the value of an event like Nanowrimo; If I was waiting to have done all the research I could, if I was waiting for the perfect time to start this novel, I’d still be waiting ten years from now. There is always something more you can do. But sometimes you just have to accept it’s time to stop planning and start doing.

So the madness is around the corner, letting me know the time is almost here. But I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Bring it on!

Are you ready for Nanowrimo? Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments below