How to build massive arms like Dwayne Johnson

Guest Post on Fearless Motivation

Fearless Motivation is a great website with motivational quotes, videos and music. They also have resources for all things fitness related. Here’s an excerpt from my guest post which featured on their blog. 

6 Steps To Massive Arms Like Hercules Dwayne Johnson With These Simple Exercises

What inspired you to start weightlifting? For most of us, it was to build massive arms. They’re the first thing most people notice, so they’re also the first thing most people work on. The idea of achieving monster arms like Dwayne Johnson is a powerful motivation.

Build Arms that get attention

Whilst the best physique is a well rounded one, the fascination for defined arms never disappears. There are hundreds of exercises, all claiming to be the best for your arms, and new workouts appear every day. How do you know where to start?
The good news is you don’t need a lot of complicated equipment. With a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, a bench, and the right attitude, you can build the arms you’ve always wanted…

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