About Me

Headshots 050 copyMy first published work, back in primary school, was a James Bond parody featuring a secret agent granny, and won me a PlayStation from a writing magazine. I then played PlayStation non-stop for the next few years, pausing only to write an Independence Day parody featuring murderous infants in the place of aliens. Rather than being locked up, I came second in a national competition and was given £40 for my disturbed musings.

After school the writing became less prolific, with my goal of having a novel published slowly relegated to ‘Tomorrow,’ that magical place where everything happens.

This all changed when I discovered Nanowrimo, way back in 2011. It was an epiphany, that rather than taking decades, the first draft of a novel could be written in just 30 days. I’ve taken part every year since.

I’m currently in the process of revising my first book (not a parody, I promise) for publication later this year. With the tentative title ‘Pain & Gain,’ the story is a thriller set in the near future London.

Along with writing, I love reading, mountain biking, surfing, Firefly, long walks on the beach and clichés.

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